Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sometimes, you have to wait....

When I started this blog, I didn't intend on all of my posts to be spiritual. The reality for me is though, that I'm sharing many of my inner personal thoughts here and that means, sharing my faith.

For a long time now I have been praying over something specifically. Last week, I was having a conversation with God about the situation. Yes, I am a person who chooses to talk out loud to God. Usually, I am in my minivan and hope that people think I'm simply talking with one of my children..... HAHA! I asked some specific questions last week. I was feeling unsure over some things, and I wanted hope and to know that I was headed in the right direction with the choices that I was making. 3 hours later, I had a very specific response to that conversation with God from one of the people I had specifically prayed for. I don't believe this kind of thing is fate. I truly believe God hears all prayers. In the moment I received the response I was reminded that yes, God hears my prayers and as a wonderful priest once told me, "Sometimes, God answers you right now with a yes. Sometimes, he says, No. and Sometimes, he says, Not right now." I truly feel that God was showing me he heard me and that I had asked for one thing he could answer right then and help me with but the other thing is way bigger. The other thing is also not just about me, it's so much bigger than me. For that, I feel him saying, "I hear you. I heard you. I need you to be still and know that I am God, and I will answer you when this fits into the plans that I have made. Be patient."

As a parent, I have this happen with my own children. Sometimes, I tell them No. Sometimes, I tell them Yes. Sometimes, I tell them Not right Now, but I hear them, and I am doing the best I can for where we are right now.

Is there anything you are waiting on God to answer?

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